Adults Bracelet - Polished Green Amber & Matte Obsidian

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Handmade in New Zealand. 

This bracelet has been made with polished Green Amber along side natural black Obsidian, strung on stretchy elastic. 

Please note, Green Amber is a grade of Amber & is not always green - it gets its grading & color from the plant matter it contains, but this can vary in color from greens to browns to yellows and even black - variations will always occur with Green Amber. 

Amber type: Baltic Amber

Amber color: Polished  Honey + Matte Obsidian 

Amber shape: Round Baroque 

Amber size: 6-8mm 

Bracelet size: Stock size is 19cm (Custom sizes available on request, please enquire before purchasing)  

Please measure before buying - Due to the porous state of Amber, we cannot offer exchanges due to Health & Safety issues. We can make alterations but you would need to cover the postage both ways as well as an alteration fee. 

Listing includes: 1x Bracelet 1x jewelry bag, 1x Certificate of Authenticity. 

The color & shape of beads may vary due to being made with natural products. 

We guarantee this product is made with 100% Genuine Baltic Amber.