NZ Aotea Greenstone Pendant Necklace (1A3-120)

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PHOTO of the actual pendant for sale

This necklace has been made with genuine New Zealand Aotea stone - an extremely prized and rare stone, found only in one river in New Zealand. Aotea stone, sometimes known as blue stone, is a mix of Fuchite, Kyanite & Quartz, a much rarer stone than New Zealand Greenstone/Jade and forms part of the pounamu legends.

Strung on black cord with two lose ends to tie yourself - on request we can add a screw clasp or sliding knot instead of the lose ends, but please let us know, and let us know how long you would like it.   

Stone type: New Zealand Aotea stone  

Pendant size: Approx. 32mm x 14mm  

We guarantee this product is made with 100% Natural New Zealand Aotea Greenstone.  

Listing includes: Pendant, Cord, Jewelry bag