925 Silver & Polished Cherry Stud Earrings

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Handmade in Europe. 

These gorgeous Baltic Amber earrings have been hand made in Northern Europe with a deep lavish cherry Amber and set in genuine .925 Silver. 

** Imported Product **

Amber type: Baltic Amber

Amber color: Polished Cherry 

Amber shape: Round

Amber size: 5.5mm

Setting: .925 Silver 

This product comes complete with a certificate of authenticity & jewellery bag as well as a 90 day return to base Warranty. 

The color & shape of beads may vary due to being made with natural products. 

We guarantee this product is made with 100% Genuine Baltic Amber.  

Baltic amber has a rich history of its use as a natural healing agent. Users throughout the world have long reported its benefits in reducing teething pain, inflammation, drooling, muscle & joint pain, general well being and a sense of emotional uplift. The effects of wearing amber jewellery are not limited to babies either; Mums, dads, uncles & aunties, even arthritis suffers have all reported positive effects. Continue Reading