7 Chakra Gift Set - Diffuser & 14 Incense Bricks

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7 Chakra Gift Set  - Diffuser & 14 Incense Bricks 

Gorgeous wee pack which includes 1x Om exotic incense diffuser & T-light + 14 assorted incense bricks.

 Ash-Free - Minimal Smoke - Non Toxic - Great Aroma 

The incense brick aromas will evaporate gradually by the warmth of the candel's flame in the diffuser. No smoke is produced, nor ash or any toxic substance. What is left is be a dry brick, that can be disposed of with the organic waste.

The 7 Chakra sample set contains 14 incense bricks, 2 for each chakra:
1e chakra: Muladhara - root chakra
2e chakra: Swadhistana - sacral chakra
3e chakra: Manipura - solar plexus chakra
4e chakra: Anahata - heart chakra
5e chakra: Vishudda - throat chakra
6e chakra: Ajna - third eye chakra
7e chakra: Sahasrara - crown chakra

Listing includes: 1x Gift pack