New Zealand Greenstone / Pounamu Pendants - Steve's Stonz

We are super exited to be working along side Steve from Steve's Stonz to provide a variety of Natural New Zealand Greenstone Pendants - the pendants on our site are all in stock & on hand with us, ready to be shipped NZ & Worldwide. 

Steve's Stonz pendants are hand carved with 100% genuine New Zealand Greenstone / Pounamu & Natural New Zealand stones. Steve is based in Riwaka, New Zealand and has been in the industry for decades, he finds native New Zealand stones and carefully hand carves unique natural pendants primarily focusing on Nephrite Jade & Aotea (Fuchsite, Kayanite). 

Current selection of stone carvings:

Pounamu or Nephrite Jade known as Greenstone from the first Europeans who saw Maori working green stones. (calcium magnesium silicate)

Tangiwai: Bowenite, a glassy translucent serpentinite. The best is from Milford sound, also found along the Faultline as far as Takaka.

Aotea: Fuchsite, Kyanite, Quartz. An aluminium silicate. A softer colourful blue/green metamorphic stone formed the same way as the Pounamu. Only found in one area in South Westland, New Zealand. 


Greenstone Carving Room

 Pounamu Tangiwai Aotea


Greenstone Pendants