Nz Greenstone / Pounamu (Steve’s Stonz)

This is our selection of stunning hand carved 100% genuine New Zealand Greenstone / Pounamu pendants, made by Steve at Steve's Stonz in Riwaka, New Zealand. Steve Henery is a stone worker and has been in the industry for decades, he finds native New Zealand stones and carefully hand carves unique natural pendants primarily focusing on Nephrite Jade & Aotea (Fuchsite, Kayanite). 

Current selection of stone carvings:

Pounamu or Nephrite Jade known as Greenstone from the first Europeans who saw Maori working green stones. (calcium magnesium silicate)

Tangiwai: Bowenite, a glassy translucent serpentinite. The best is from Milford sound, also found along the Faultline as far as Takaka.

Aotea: Fuchsite, Kyanite, Quartz. An aluminium silicate. A softer colourful blue/green metamorphic stone formed the same way as the Pounamu. Only found in one area in South Westland, New Zealand. 

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